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The American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance* (AIHREA) is currently recruiting new Youth Ambassadors. AIHREA’s Youth Ambassadors promote health and education programs throughout the country. Youth Ambassadors are expected to give presentations and represent AIHREA in a positive light. AIHREA will select 4 Graduate students, 4 College students, and 4 High School students. Each student selected will receive a yearly stipend. For more information please visit: or contact Julia White Bull at or 913-945-7097.  

The Deadline for applications is January 31st, 2014. Finalists will be interviewed by phone in February 2014, selections for youth ambassadors will be made by March 1, 2014.

Visit the Baltimore American Indian Center gift shop and museum at 113 S. Broadway.  If you are looking for a unique educational experience and/or that special gift, stop in. Also, the center offers many services and activities.  Get involved with the center!!!! Call (410) 675-3535 to learn more about the center or send e-mail to:


American Indian Society (AIS)
of Washington, DC

Christmas 2006Over the years, Indian people of many different tribes have moved into the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. With them they brought their ancestral traditions. Always they looked for companionship with other people of similar history and interests.

In 1966, Indians living in the Washington area decided to form a group that would fill the need for a central organization representing as many tribes as possible. They formally organized in August 1966 as the American Indian Society of Washington, D.C. (AIS), a non-profit organization with a constitution and elected officers. The young group of less than 20 original members has grown to nearly 300 members from over 50 different tribal groups ranging from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida. Some of these memberships are family memberships, so the actual number of people that are members is much larger. Business meetings are held monthly, and a monthly newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date on Society activities. 

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